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Do you have your own wall design idea in mind? We are the best in providing customized wallpapers as per your requirement in any dimensions required by you as per the size of your wall. Get cost-effective beautiful wallpapers for your homes and offices from the best home decor experts in the market. Our designers will help curate the ideal wallpaper for your walls. Just tell us the width and height as per your wall size and leave the rest to us!


Easy Installation
Free Paste
VOC Free
Easily Customizable

Do you have your own ideas for decorating your walls? We have the best system for customized wallpapers where the expertise of our designer teams helps you create beautiful wallpapers for walls.
We are home décor experts with a large number of interior solution supplies. We trade in dealing with wholesale home décor supplies. Connect for the best rates. Our 3D wallpaper for walls is the highest selling design art which involves personalized photo wallpaper.

Types of Customized Wallpapers to choose from:
You can probably bring your own design selection and we will get it done for you. The market is full of choices and you can get it ready as per your room interiors.
1. Family pictures as Wallpaper can be used on walls.
2. Your own image for the wall.
3. Random image selection can be done from Google and created as wallpaper for your wall which can match your home décor selections.

Why do we use Customized Wallpaper for Walls?
With the changing times, interior decor solutions have also upgraded to the next level. With the addition of technology where we get waterproof emulsion paints the cost of implementing these options also increased. Later with the evolution of products in the interior home solutions, the market introduced us to the new category of wallpaper design where you have multiple options in designer walls at low cost. It shook the complete market dimension. New homes, builders and other construction sites started using this trend which has revolutionized to the next level where a person has the option to customize their wall with the design of their choice.

1. Low cost and more optimization
2. Fast process of installation
3. Minimum care and maintenance
4. Designs can be changed after months
5. Less wastage and filth
6. Have the option to use images of your choice
7. No issue of tampering and dirt for a good period of time.
8. Improvement in the interior design of home.

Where does these interior products come from?
We are the authorized suppliers of the Home Decor Items or Home Furnishings by Government of India. We have our multiple offices in China region. We are importing the best quality products from China at feasible rates. Our products are sold by more than 800+ retailers in India.

Where can I get these Home Furnishing items?
It is available to us at The Doodle House and we have a good amount of stock at wholesale rates. You need to place an order with a minimum time gap of 7 days and place your business information on our contact us page. Our team will connect with you asap.
Best Customized Wallpapers
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