Curtain Fabric

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Curtain Fabric

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Best Curtain Fabric in Jaipur

Curtain fabric came in existence when people started decorating their windows with various form of curtains. It helped them improving the overall appearance of the interior of the home. Curtains does not only improves the beauty of the area but also supports in controlling the overall natural light flowing in the room.

Curtain Fabric can be also named as curtain cloth or the curtain material too. It is mostly a movable object which can help in managing the ambience of the room.

Type of Curtain Material in Jaipur Branch to choose from:

Most common types of curtain fabric can be in the form of -
- Cotton
- Silk
- Linen
- Polyester
- Velvet
- Acrylic
- Rayon
- Brocade
- Lace
- Voile
- Plain curtains

Why do we use Curtain Cloth?

Most common use of the curtain cloth or fabric as we have already mentioned above is to manage the outdoor natural lights along with the improvement in the interior design of the indoor area. It also helps us preventing dust from entering our room.


1. Help in adjusting the ambience of the room 2. Help secure from outside light
3. Help preventing from dust
4. Enhance the beauty of the home
5. Increase privacy
6. Helps you improve sleep quality
7. Low maintenance
8. Affordable and durable
9. Requires less installation efforts

Where does these interior products come from?

We are the authorized suppliers of the Home Decor Items or Home Furnishings by Government of India. We have our multiple offices in China region. We are importing the best quality products from China at feasible rates. Our products are sold by more than 800+ retailers in India.

Where can I get these Home Furnishing items?

It is available to us at The Doodle House and we have a good amount of stock at wholesale rates. You need to place an order with a minimum time gap of 7 days and place your business information on our contact us page. Our team will connect with you asap.

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