Artificial Grass

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We are B2B suppliers of Artificial Grass. Get in touch with us to purchase high quality Artificial Grass Carpets at best prices.


Best Artificial Grass Carpet in Jaipur

Artificial Grass Carpet are the top selling product in their category. It is known by many names like Fake Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass Carpet, Synthetic Grass. You will find the best collection of Artificial Grass Carpets at The Doodle House at wholesale rates.

Types of Artificial Grass to choose from:

  • In the form of the fiber quality:
  • - Nylon which is the strongest of all types of grass.
    - Polyethylene is mostly bought by house owners.
    - Polypropylene is the least expensive grass.

  • In the form of Height:
  • - Small, which are mostly used for commercial indoor areas, is shorter in size of 30mm.
    - Medium size grass is most common and comes in size between 30mm and 37mm.
    - Full size grass or the long grass are above 37mm in size and are not basically looking like natural grass.

  • In the form of color:
  • - Green: The most common grass color is green.
    - Other colors: People also prefer to go for the blue, pink and other kind of grass colors as per their choice.

  • In the form of places:
  • - Playground
    - Balcony
    - Home Lawn
    - Sports Complex & More

  • In the form of Features:
  • The charges can be differentiated based upon the features or quality of the grass:
    - UV-Stabilized
    - Urethane Backing
    - Non-Absorbent Fiber
    - Heat and Frost Resistant
    - Non-Flammable
    - Varied Color Blades
    - Perforation
    - Non-Staining

    Why do we use Artificial Grass?

    Artificial Grass Carpets are used for rough and raw conditions with beautiful views. It is installed at the places where people are searching for the substitute of natural grass with same realistic view. It is low in cost for installation and maintenance. It is mostly used for the places like outdoor lawn areas, villas, balconies, commercial buildings, hotels, offices, complexes, decks, rooftops, counters, playing grounds, jogging tracks, vertical hanging gardens, stadiums, indoor sports area, children's schools, gardens, courtyards and more.

    We have a team of experienced workers who use modern technology in the installation process and guide you in the maintenance of the grass, which is really easy. Artificial Grass is used by buyers as a modern interior decor item and it is manufactured with fibers which are ready to face any kind of resistance.


    1. Fake Grass is easy to install.
    2. These artificial grasses are eco-friendly.
    3. Artificial Turf are made up of synthetic man-made fibers.
    4. These grasses are not natural and still can improve the view of the installed location and make people feel realistic.
    5. Artificial grass carpets are long lasting.
    6. The grass amount is budget friendly and low-cost maintenance.

    Where does these interior products come from?

    We are the authorized suppliers of the Home Decor Items or Home Furnishings by Government of India. We have our multiple offices in China region. We are importing the best quality products from China at feasible rates. Our products are sold by more than 800+ retailers in India.

    Where can I get these Home Furnishing items?

    It is available to us at The Doodle House and we have a good amount of stock at wholesale rates. You need to place an order with a minimum time gap of 7 days and place your business information on our contact us page. Our team will connect with you asap.

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