Full Detailed guide on how to select customized wallpapers for your home?

Deciding on the Customized Wallpapers? How to check the prices, design, defined qualities, and authorized partners of the products? We have all the information for you.

Customized Wallpapers by The Doodle House

Adding wallpaper to selected walls is one of the best and easiest ways to decorate your home. Wallpapers can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home where a unique design is required.
Wallpaper with patterns and colors can easily change the look and feel of any room. They are interesting design elements. Customized wallpapers also give interiors a creative edge while hiding wall flaws and enabling a quick, simple, and dust-free installation process.

How to choose and purchase wallpaper for a home?

Customized Wallpapers - The Doodle House


  • Budget: Resist the urge to overspend when you see an imported tag. You shouldn't get distracted by a flashy design either. Don't deviate from your budgeted spending. Remember that the labor fees for hanging the wallpaper will also be an expense. Hence, consider affordability.
  • Durability: The most crucial feature to look for in wallpaper is durability. Installing wallpaper that will quickly peel off or split in a few months, much alone last for even a year, is pointless.
  • Low maintenance: Although washable wallpaper is an option, look for wallpaper that is completely moisture resistant rather than just partially. The wallpaper should be designed so that it is simple to wash by hand using a sponge and plain water.
  • Requirements: Make sure the room's dimensions are accurately measured in advance and that the appropriate number of rolls of wallpaper is purchased to ensure that the wallpaper meets requirements.
  • Lighting: Most people choose the wallpaper for a room hastily without taking the lighting of that space into account. A room that has low illumination will require a different design and color from one which is brightly lit.
  • Wallpaper manufacturers will reassure you that their goods are devoid of toxins and have a low toxicity level. But don't take this at face value. Check out the results of online research on wallpaper kinds and manufacturer product reviews.

Wallpapers material: Wallpapers are one of the most well-known things for wall decoration and come in a variety of materials. Following are some examples of materials:
- Vinyl wallpapers are the most popular type of wallpaper on the market. These wallpapers are made of paper or fiber with a thin layer of vinyl applied to give them a glossy appearance.
- Wallpapers made of non-woven materials: These wallpapers combine synthetic and natural fibers. This is yet another material type that is frequently used in wallpaper. These wallpapers are also washable and allow the walls to breathe. However, they are somewhat more expensive than other types.
- Fiberglass wallpaper: Fiberglass wallpaper is the best option for cracked walls because it is made of non-toxic ingredients like dolomite, soda, and lime. These are fiber resistant and lightweight.

Select a design style
Graphic patterns, damask patterns, metallic finishes, floral and botanical prints, and other patterns are all available in wallpaper.

  • Choosing damask patterns is highly advised for a formal appearance.
  • High-gloss metallic finish wallpapers can give the interiors an opulent appearance.
  • Use textured wallpaper finishes, such as grass cloth wallpaper, to give the interior depth or a rustic appearance.
  • Striking geometric and abstract patterns are ideal for a modern interior design.
  • Patterned wallpaper gives the interiors a casual appearance. Try to coordinate it with the pattern on the rugs and upholstery in the space.
  • Use plain wallpaper to create an opulent look.
  • You can transform your home into a tropical retreat with botanical prints.

India's prices

If you're wondering how much wallpaper costs, there are a few different methods we'll have to break it down for you. Depending on the quality and substance, the price per square foot for wallpaper ranges from 40 for extremely simple styles to 200 or more.
In India, the price of wallpaper per square foot frequently excludes the price of wallpaper installation. What does it cost to put wallpaper? Depending on the sophistication of your wallpapers, it can range from 8 per square foot to 50 or more.
Depending on the type and style of wallpaper, the size of the wall, and installation fees, the price of wallpaper for a single room should range from 2,500 to 15,000 or more.

Styles for home wallpaper based on pattern

Customized Wallpapers by The Doodle House

There can be some folks who want their wallpaper to be straightforward and uncomplicated. But these are a small minority. After all, wallpaper may be used to decorate your house in a wide variety of patterns and designs. Classical patterns, abstract patterns, graphics, floral patterns, geometrical patterns, retro patterns, 3D patterns, metallic patterns, etc. are some of the wallpaper designs that are offered.

1. Wallpaper that is randomly aligned with a home's decor
When employing this type of inside wallpaper, pattern alignment need not be a concern. It makes no difference if the pattern is set up randomly!
2. A drop match and wallpaper
Given that pattern alignment must be done both horizontally and vertically, this variety is the most challenging to hang.
3. A perfectly straight piece of wallpaper
Straight-match home wallpaper design requires you to match the graphic vertically, which requires more time and effort even though it is not as difficult as drop-match home wallpaper.

Do’s and Don’t of Home Wallpaper

Home Customized Wallpapers - The Doodle House
  • Wallpaper deteriorates in direct sunlight. Avoid mounting them on walls that directly face the sun as a result.
  • Avoid applying wallpaper to walls that are susceptible to moisture.
  • Wallpaper design isn't limited to wall surfaces. Apply it to decorate ceilings or even furniture pieces for a striking touch to the home.
  • Do you have a tight spending plan? To highlight a particular column or wall nook, use high-quality wallpaper design. That’s all there is to it!

Conclusion: Hopes our suggestions were helpful! Look no further if you want the interior design of your home to be equally stunning.
The majority of people are unsure of how to choose wallpaper, and either look for a straightforward buying guide online or purchase price décor books. This article serves as a one-stop resource for choosing the right kind of customized wallpaper for your home in addition to helping you buy it.


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