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Why Wood floors are the top choice for interior designers and home décor experts?

Have you ever wondered why wood floors are the current favourite of all?

Due to its classy look and comfortable feel and its environment-friendly texture, wooden flooring is topping the list of the trendiest floorings in the market right now. The inception of Wood dates back to millions of years ago and for many years it was used in construction to build houses. Now, Solid Hardwood is used to give our homes an elegant and modern look.

Some of the major reasons why people love wooden flooring are:

  • Wooden floors are easy to maintain and provide the desired aesthetics to our interiors. If you are a nature lover and like giving that natural touch to your home or workspace, you should definitely go for wood floors. They are visually appealing and gives a warm feel to your room.
  • Wooden floors are easy to set up or install than other floorings but can not be done by self and require floor experts to give the floor a proper finish.
  • Wooden floors are pocket-friendly which might be hard to believe given their stylish and glamourous look but in reality, they are quite affordable compared to other floorings like Vinyl flooring.
  • Wood flooring is “Green” in nature and eco-friendly. It can be said that they are a healthier choice for our homes. Wood is a natural resource of the earth and it is renewable and inexhaustible. Wooden flooring contains natural wood grain patterns giving it an element of richness to the floor without gathering much dust. Wood floors are also ideal to maintain the pure air quality in our homes.
  • Wooden floors are durable and easy to maintain. They do not require exhaustive cleaning agents to clean them daily with chemicals, thus involving manual labour and impacting the air inside our homes. Light brushing and slight dusting and enough to keep the wood floors shiny. Though wood is said to lose shine as they age, that is the beauty of it, wood appeals more as it fades.
  • Wooden floors are strong and not easily damaged and can easily last a lifetime.


Types of Wooden Flooring:

Below are the main types of wooden floorings available. Find out the one best suited for your home or workspace.

  • Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring gives the feel of real wood and is much less expensive than solid hardwood floors.

Laminate Flooring - The Doodle House

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood flooring is made of a single piece of wood with a thickness of 18 to 20mm. It is the most popular wooden flooring but is a bit expensive. It gives a classy look to the floor and can be polished from time to time to retain a fresh look. Some of the most popular branches of wood that are used for solid hardwood flooring include oak, maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany.

Solid Hardwood Flooring - The Doodle House

  • Composite Wooden Flooring

It is like a factory-made alternative to Solid hardwood flooring as it is cheaper and easier to maintain. It is durable and scratch-resistant and moisture resistant. It can also be polished periodically to maintain the look.

Composite Wooden Flooring - The Doodle House

  • Parquet Flooring

It is decorative flooring that includes small strips of wood that are used to create flooring patterns like basketweave, herringbone, etc. that enhance the floors and the beauty of our homes.

Parquet Flooring - The Doodle House

  • Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is made by compressing bamboo under high temperature and pressure, making it highly sustainable and moisture resistant. Bamboo grows much faster than hardwood so they are less expensive than solid hardwood.

Bamboo Flooring - The Doodle House

  • Cork Flooring

This eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable flooring is made from the bark of the oak tree. It provides good heat and sound insulation and is resistant to pathogens and other microbes.

Cork Flooring - The Doodle House

So, don’t wait and jump in the trend train and give your home a super-stylish wooden finish. We at THE DOODLE HOUSE provide you high quality genuine wooden flooring material. So, leave your floor worries to the experts. Contact us to quickly avail of our services.

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